Fleetwood Mac – Then Play On (LP)

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The years 1969-1972 marked the first of many transitional periods in the storied history of the unrivaled Fleetwood Mac. They were already a popular blues band in 1969 when they released Then Play On, their stellar third studio album. It was Fleetwood Mac’s first with guitarist/songwriter Danny Kirwan who would help steer the band through their next three albums Kiln House (1970), Future Games (1971) and Bare Trees (1972), and ultimately their last with founding member Peter Green.

Then Play On’s powerful mix of blues and rock includes standout tracks like “Rattlesnake Shake,” “Searching For Madge” and “Coming Your Way,” and although their time together was short-lived, Green and Kirwan’s chemistry here is both definitive in its own right and foreshadowing of the band’s future pop-rock brilliance.

1.  Coming Your Way
2.  Closing My Eyes
3.  Fighting For Madge
4.  When You Say
5.  Show Biz Blues
6.  Underway
7.  One Sunny Day
8.  Although The Sun Is Shining
9.  Rattlesnake Shake
10. Without You
11. Searching For Madge
12. My Dream
13. Like Crying
14. Before The Beginning



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