Foghat – Energized (CD)

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Release Date 14/06/2024

The third album proved to be the charm for Foghat. On “Energized”, their fusion of blues song structures and heavy metal energy comes into sharp focus. The group storms out of the gate with the opening track, “Honey Hush“, reworking of a blues classic and dazzles the listener with a barrage of furious, metallic guitar riffs. Another sharp rocker along these lines is “Wild Cherry,” that is fuelled by a double-time beat from Roger Earl and some killer twin-guitar riffing from Dave Peverett and Rod Price. The group keeps things interesting by experimenting with their formula: an inspired cover of the Buddy Holly’s “That’ll Be the Day”  and “Step Outside” mixes funk-styled instrumental breakdowns and a bassline. Energized also produced an enduring classic with “Home in My Hand.”. In short, Energized is a solid listen for anyone who gets nostalgic about 1970s arena rock, and a must-have for Foghat fans.

1. Honey Hush
2. Step Outside
3. Golden Arrow
4. Home In My Hand
5. Wild Cherry
6. That’ll Be The Day
7. Fly By Night
8. Nothin’ I Won’t Do


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