Gary Moore – The Best Of The Blues (2CD)

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Label EMI
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Το προϊόν είναι άμεσα διαθέσιμο και έτοιμο για αποστολή ή παραλαβή από το φυσικό κατάστημα κατόπιν παραγγελίας ◆ Τhe product is immediately available and ready to be shipped or picked up from the physical store right after your order.
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01. Walking By Myself
02. Oh Pretty Woman (feat. Albert King)
03. Still Got The Blues (Full version)
04. Separate Ways
05. Since I Met You Baby (feat. B.B. King)
06. Story Of The Blues (Single edit)
07. All Your Love
08. Too Tired (feat. Albert Collins)
09. Need Your Love So Bad (Single edit)
10. Midnight Blues
11. King Of The Blues
12. Jumpin’ At Shadows
13. Texas Strut
14. Moving On
15. Stop Messin’ Around
16. Parisienne Walkways ’93
17. The Supernatural

01. Caldonia (live’ feat. Albert Collins & Albert King)
02. You Don’t Love Me (live)
03. Key To Love (live)
04. The Thrill Is Gone (live, feat. B.B. King)
05. Stormy Monday (live’ feat. Albert King)
06. Cold, Cold Feeling (live’ feat. Albert Collins)
07. Further Up The Road (live’ feat. Albert Collins)
08. The Stumble (live)
09. Oh Pretty Woman (live)
10. Walking By Myself (live)
11. Too Tired (live’ feat. Albert Collins)
12. Still Got The Blues (live)
13. All Your Love (live)
14. Midnight Blues (live)


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