Jack Bruce – Sunshine Of Your Love: A Life In Music (2CD)

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Sunshine of Your Love: A Life in Music is a 2CD anthology covering the highlights of the career of the legendary musician, composer and bass virtuoso Jack Bruce.

First coming to prominence as the main songwriter and vocalist for the legendary supergroup Cream, alongside Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, who went on to sell over 33 million albums and enjoyed many hits.

With Cream’s demise, Jack embarked on a solo career, recording a series of albums for Polydor Records in 1969. Highly regarded as an imaginative artist who refused to be tied to any style, Jack’s work touched all forms of music and with his passing in October 2014 the world of music lost one of its true greats.

This 2CD anthology celebrates the highlights of Jack Bruce’s career and covers both his work with Cream as well as his critically acclaimed solo work up to his last album “Silver Rails”.

1. N.S.U.
2. I Feel Free
3. I’m So Glad
4. Sunshine Of Your Love
5. We’re Going Wrong
6. White Room
7. Deserted Cities Of The Heart
8. Doing That Scrapyard Thing
9. Never Tell Your Mother She’s Out Of Tune
10. Rope Ladder To The Moon
11. Theme For An Imaginary Western
12. Weird Of Hermiston
13. Folk Song
14. Can You Follow
15. Morning Story
16. You Burned The Tables On Me
17. Pieces Of Mind
18. Running Through Our Hands
19. Keep It Down
20. Something To Live For

1. Without A Word
2. How’s Tricks
3. Childsong
4. The Best Is Still To Come
5. She’s Moving On
6. Jet Set Jewel
7. Ships In The Night
8. City Of Gold
9. Waiting In The Wings
10. Out Into The Fields
11. The Night That Once Was Mine
12. Candlelight
13. Fields Of Forever
14. Reach For The Night
15. Don’t Look Now


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