Jack Johnson – All the Light Above It Too (CD)

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Jack Johnson releases his 7th studio album, All the Light Above It Too, which was recorded in his Hawaii based Mango Tree Studio. Johnson handled most of the instrumentation for this album, reminiscent of the four-track recordings that launched his career.

Let’s be honest: we’ve all had a “gimme gimme appetite” for Jack Johnson’s highly anticipated new music. And the wait has been worth it, as he delivers with “My Mind is for Sale”, the politically charged anthem. The clever lyric video features Johnson building up and tearing down walls, shot entirely by the artist on his IPhone 7. And though politically poignant, Johnson maintains his characteristic easy-going instrumental sound.

  1. Subplots
  2. You Can’t Control It
  3. Sunsets For Somebody Else
  4. My Mind Is For Sale
  5. Daybreaks
  6. Big Sur
  7. Love Song #16
  8. Is One Moon Enough?
  9. Gather
  10. Fragments


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