Loure – Outta 106 (12″ Vinyl)

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The first release from Nothin Personal, comes from Melbourne based artist ‘Loure’.
House music has always been made from the heart and for the floor. Whilst Loure’s music adheres to this hackneyed creed, it exists beyond simply the confines of one particular genre. His jazz-infused, house cuts have found homes on labels such as Delicieuse Musique, Apparel Music, and Slothboogie. An oscillating live performer, Loure can be found in the middle of a flurry of hardware for his solo live shows, behind the platters for his DJ sets, or conducting a full live band setup that is riddled with horns, guitars, keys and infectious improvisation.
For these reasons, it’s our pleasure to share ‘NP001: Loure – Outta 106’. Marking a slightly new direction for Loure, ‘Outta 106’ celebrates the diversity and talent of the Melbourne underground. Showcased through a collection of 6 finely crafted tracks stretching from contemporary jazz, to breakbeat, through to house cuts – Loure collaborates with some of Melbourne’s best-kept secrets, to surface the stunning talent and beauty that is the Melbourne underground.
Highlights from the record are:
‘Rotate’ – a swinging 4/4 groove, accompanied by classy sax melodies, uplifting piano, and soulful vocals that together build into a thumping house cut, filling your heart and the floor.
‘The Walk Home’ – A complex DNB style beat, matched with luscious strings and a burning sax solo that drives listeners into the deeper side of the release.
‘Heavyweight Sinner’ – another UK Jazz style cut, a solid broken-beat groove with lulling melodies, complimented by warming guitar. The track peaks with an impressive bass solo.
‘Talking Circles’ – Closing the release with elevating ambiance, emotive strings, and one final burst of soaring brass to create a euphoric and memorable ending to what is a stunning EP


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