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Despite the sudden death of guitarist Robert Burås during the recording of the album, Sivert Høyem and Frode Jacobsen soon decided to continue with the completion of the release. The majority of Burås‘ guitar parts had been recorded when he died, and the rest of Madrugada stated that finishing the album was like therapy for them. Without guitarist Robert BuråsMadrugada’ fell into bits. Although they managed to complete their fifth and final studio album, the self-titled ‘Madrugada’, is brimming with anger and loss and the band had to come to an end. However, in June 2018 it was announced that Høyem, Jacobsen and Lauvland Pettersen had reformed the band for a series of shows in 2019.

1. Whatever Happened To You?
2. The Hour Of The Wolf
3. Look Away Lucifer
4. Honey Bee
5. New Woman/New Man
6. What’s On Your Mind?
7. Highway Of Light
8. Valley Of Deception
9. Our Time Won’t Live That Long


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