Madrugada – The Deep End (CD)

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‘The Deep End’ is the fourth album by Norwegian rock band Madrugada. Recorded at the Sound City studios in Los Angeles and produced by George Drakoulias, the band surpasses itself with every new album. Sivert Høyem‘s self-confident vocals grip you like an eagle’s claw around your soul. The great guitar riffs from Robert Burås and the suggestive bass from Frode Jacobsen give this album the sound that is unique for the Norwegians. The sound is definitely bigger here than on any of their previous albums, with many of the songs featuring Hammond organ, Wurlitzer piano, and pedal steel guitars plus plenty of guitar tracks by the ever-solid twanger Robert Burås (RIP).

1. The Kids Are On High Street
2. On Your Side
3. Hold On To You
4. Stories From The Streets
5. Running Out Of Time
6. The Lost Gospel
7. Elektro Vakuum
8. Subterranean Sunlight
9. Hard To Come Back
10. Ramona
11. Slow Builder
12. Sail Away


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