Marcus Strickland Twi-Life – People of the Sun (LP)

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On People of the Sun, Strickland blazes down that trail fully at the helm of his music – performing, writing, and producing with his outrageously able Twi-Life band on deck – even as he sonically and socially traces the African diaspora from present to past in an effort to unpack his identity. “I’m thinking about where we came from,” says Strickland, “and how that clashes and goes hand in hand with what we’ve created here as Black Americans.” The result is an album that’s busy and beautiful, inventive and contemplative, an amalgam of influences from West Africa (griot culture, Afrobeat, percussion) and America (post-bop, funk-soul, beat music) performed in the key of revelation. Another facet that sets the album part is Strickland’s lesser-known woodwind obsession with the bass clarinet, which adds its noirish hues to so many of these songs.

  1. Lullaby featuring Weedie Braimah
  2. Timing
  3. People Of The Sun featuring Mitch Henry
  4. On My Mind featuring Bilal, Pharoahe Monch, and Greg Tate
  5. Relentlessness
  6. Marvelous featuring Akie Bermiss
  7. Black Love
  8. Build
  9. Make Sure To Return
  10. Aim High featuring Jermaine Holmes
  11. Spirit Of The Music


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