Masters Of Reality – Masters Of Reality (RSD LP)

Format LP
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Release Date 22/04/2023

One can’t speak of California’s famed desert rock movement without mentioning the visionary producer/musician Chris Goss. The so-called Godfather of the Joshua Tree-centered scene, Goss has produced famed and acclaimed albums by groups like Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters, Kyuss, Screaming Trees, and numerous others. Before he was known as a renowned producer though, he was the singer/guitarist and only consistent member of one of the most influential-yet-forgotten hard rock groups of all time: Masters of Reality. Masters Of Reality (Whose name was appropriately taken from a Black Sabbath song) had the distinction of being the only group signed to two different hip-hop labels of historical note: Def Jam and Delicious Vinyl. Originally label mates with Public Enemy and Slayer, Masters Of Reality’s self-titled debut album was released by Def American in 1988. Two years later, Delicious Vinyl founders Matt Dike and Mike Ross, huge Masters fans, bought the band’s contract from Rick Rubin and re-released the album with new cover artwork to renewed acclaim and commercial success. So many years later, Masters Of Reality’s debut still feels like a hard-hitting breath of fresh air in a modern landscape of over-produced rock music.

Side A
1. The Candy Song 3:23
2. Doraldina’s Prophecies 5:32
3. John Brown 3:39
4. Gettin’ High 3:11
5. Magical Spell 3:39

Side B
1. Theme For The Scientist Of The Invisible 1:31
2. Domino 3:47
3. The Blue Garden 4:24
4. The Eyes Of Texas 3:23
5. Lookin’ To Get Rite 3:07
6. Kill The King 7:38
7. Sleep Walkin’


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