Moonspell – Memorial (CD)

Format CD
Label SPV
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Limited digipak CD edition

1. “In Memoriam” (instrumental)  
2. “Finisterra”  
3. “Memento Mori”  
4. “Sons of Earth” (instrumental)  
5. “Blood Tells”  
6. “Upon the Blood of Men”  
7. “At the Image of Pain”  
8. “Sanguine”  
9. “Proliferation” (instrumental)  
10. “Once It Was Ours!”  
11. “Mare Nostrum” (instrumental)  
12. “Luna”  
13. “Best Forgotten”  
14. “Atlantic” (bonus track; includes 1:27 of silence and a 6-minute hidden track, “The Sleep of the Sea”)  


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