Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard Of Ozz (Coloured LP)

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  • Limited Edition Silver Coloured With Red Swirls Vinyl

Originally released in 1980, Blizzard of Ozz changed the face of hard rock and mainstream heavy metal. Ozzy Osbourne’s solo album not only reintroduced the former Black Sabbath vocalist to the world but represents the arrival of virtuoso guitarist Randy Rhoads, whose classical-influenced playing and melodic devices stood entirely apart from his contemporaries. Moreover, Osbourne and Co. arrived armed to the teeth with a batch of infallible tunes.

From the opening, autobiographical “I Don’t Know” to the now-classic “Crazy Train” to deeper cuts such as the haunting “Mr. Crowley” and excitable “No Bone Movies,” Blizzard of Ozz comes on at a feverish pace and immediately hooks the listener with stunning riff structures, blazing solos, and accessible melodies. Osbourne achieved his goal of wanting to expand into the mainstream without sacrificing his edge, and Rhoads and a formidable rhythm section make it possible.

1.  I Don’t Know
2.  Crazy Train

3.  Goodbye To Romance
4.  Dee

5.  Suicide Solution

6.  Mr. Crowley

7.  No Bone Movies
8.  Revelation

9.  Steal Away (The Night)


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