Placebo – Battle For The Sun (LP)

Format LP
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Placebo’s dark and melodic trademark sound featuring singer Brian Molko’s instantly recognizable vocals has become one of the strongest brands in rock over the past two and a half decades. 2009’s Battle For The Sun was recorded over three months by producer Dave Bottrill (chosen by the band largely because of his work with Tool) in his Toronto studio and mixed in London by Alan Moulder. Battle For The Sun is a startling, alive, vital and boundary-vaulting record that marked a whole new era for a band that were in need of a change at the time.

  1. Kitty Litter
  2. Ashtray Heart
  3. Battle For The Sun
  4. For What It’s Worth
  5. Devil In The Details
  6. Bright Lights
  7. Speak In Tongues
  8. The Never-Ending Why
  9. Julien
  10. Happy You’re Gone
  11. Breathe Underwater
  12. Come Undone
  13. Kings Of Medicine


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