Porcupine Tree – Coma Divine (Digi 2CD)

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A standalone release for the 2016 Delerium Years box set edition of Coma Divine.
Riding high on the success of their 1996 album Signify, Porcupine Tree achieved their first ‘break’ when Italian station Radio Rock playlisted Radioactive Toy and invited the band over to Rome to the largest audience they had played for. Returning to the city near the end of the ensuing European tour, the band recorded performances over three nights creating their first ever official live album, Coma Divine. This edition of the album features bonus tracks not included on the original 1997 CD release, including the early classics, Radioactive Toy and Up The Downstair and documents the turning point in a band that soon became pivotal to the prog rock scene. 
Mid-price double CD edition in a 6-panel digipack.
CD 1

1. Bornlivedieintro (live in Rome) [01:25]
2. Signify (live in Rome) [05:29]
3. Waiting (Phase One) (live In Rome) [04:26]
4. Waiting (Phase Two) (live In Rome) [05:23]
5. The Sky Moves Sideways (live in Rome) [12:40]
6. Dislocated Day (live in Rome) [06:35]
7. The Sleep Of No Dreaming (live in Rome) [05:19]
8. Moonloop (live in Rome) [11:50]
CD 2
1. Up The Downstair (live in Rome) [07:40]
2. The Moon Touches Your Shoulder (live in Rome) [05:05]
3. Always Never – live In Rome [05:41]
4. Is … Not (live in Rome) [06:09]
5. Radioactive Toy (live in Rome) [13:30]
6. Not Beautiful Anymore (live in Rome) [09:39]



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