Porcupine Tree – In Absentia (Digi CD)

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2021 Transmission label reissue of Porcupine Tree’s groundbreaking 2002 release In Absentia.
Porcupine Tree’s seventh studio album was the first in a run of three albums that for many represent the pinnacle of the band’s artistic achievements, and with its fusion of metal, progressive rock, ambient textures, and acoustic singer-songwriter styled material, the album became a blueprint for a generation of bands to come.  
Includes PT fan favourites Trains, The Sound of Muzak and Blackest Eyes.
CD in digipack with 8-page booklet.

1. Blackest Eyes

2. Trains

3. Lips Of Ashes

4. The Sound Of Muzak

5. Gravity Eyelids

6. Wedding Nails

7. Prodigal

8. .3

9. The Creator Has A Mastertape

10. Heartattack In A Layby

11. Strip The Soul

12. Collapse The Light Into



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