Rammstein – Rosenrot (2LP)

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In over two decades of uncompromising music-making, Rammstein have evolved from their initial hard rock beginnings to dominate the industrial and dance-rock scenes. Single-handedly defining the music termed “Neue Deutsche Härte” (New German Hardness) with their 1995 debut album, Herzeleid, they have gone on to become one of the most ambitious and fearless bands of any genre. 2005’s Rosenrot is a natural successor to Reise, Reise with select tracks culled from its 2003-2004 sessions and bolstered by brand new sessions in Berlin. “Benzin,” the title track and the X-rated “Mann Gegen Mann” are Rammstein in top form, refusing to temper their principles, or dilute their extraordinary sound. Sharleen Spiteri features on the English language version of “Stirn Nicht vor Mir” (“Don’t Die Before I Do”) while the veteran American actress Carmen Zapata is heard on “Te Quiero Puta!” Remastered in 2015 by longtime the Rammstein sound engineers and pressed on 180g 2LP.

  1. Benzin
  2. Mann Gegen Mann
  3. Rosenrot
  4. Spring
  5. Wo Bist Du
  6. Stirb Nicht Vor Mir (Don’t Die Before I Do)
  7. Zerstören
  8. Hilf Mir
  9. Te Quiero Puta!
  10. Feuer Und Wasser
  11. Ein Lied


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