Sivert Hoyem – On An Island (CD)

Format CD
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Release Date 26/01/2024

It is raining cats and dogs and the northern lights are beginning to flicker. In September 2021, Sivert Høyem and his collaborators moved into the old community hall at Zoar in Nyksund, Nordland province, to shoot the film. In the beginning, the idea was to make something “simple and stripped down” together with technician Bjarne Stensli. Something more reminiscent of live or demo recordings than a normal environment. Recording studios don’t have a natural sound.

They were looking for a large recording space, preferably a church. They discussed southern France and Tuscany, but it had to have wooden walls and floors, and there’s not much of that in the south. Then the pandemic came, and traveling abroad was out of the question. That’s when the idea of Zoar came up. It is located in Nyksund, an old fishing village in Nordland, and has nine permanent residents.

Everything was recorded in one room with microphones, mostly three people (Sivert, Christer Knutsen and Børge Fjordheim). Nothing comes out of boxes with pre-programmed sounds. It was all mixed by the legendary Tchad Blake in his home studio in Wales. Random noises, creaking wood and the sound of possible ghosts are included. It sounds timeless, immediate and raw, and it’s unclear if “rock” is the right term.

1. On An Island
2. Two Green Feathers
3. When Your True Love Is Gone
4. In The Beginning
5. Aim For The Heart
6. The Rust
7. Keepsake
8. Now You See Me/Now You Don¿T
9. Not Enough Light


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