Stereo MC’s – Connected (LP)

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Friends from Nottinghamshire who moved to London and discovered hip hop’s liberating potential during rap’s mid-to-late-’80s ‘golden age’, Nick Hallam and Rob Birch became Britain’s first global rap stars, paving the way for the Plan Bs and Dizzee Rascals. The Stereos MC’s were exceptions to every rule – the rap band rock fans could dig, the dance act it was cool for indie fans to groove to, sought-after as remixers, producers or collaborators by everyone from the Jungle Brothers to Madonna.

Their 1992 release, Connected, initially confounded the label – “I remember going into the promotions department and the guy was going, ‘Yeah, I like it, but I’m not really sure what I should do with it’,” Nick recalls – but the Stereos’ perennial problem turned out to be their greatest strength. Nobody knew what to call their mix of groove, soul, melody and inspirational raps, but that meant that no one group of listeners could claim it as exclusively their own. The album – and its title track, which became the first single – were embraced across the board. The single gave them their first Top 20 hit; the album spent almost a year on the UK album chart, peaking at No. 2, and won two Brit Awards in 1994. The Stereos had become one of the biggest bands in Britain.

1. Connected
2. Ground Level
3. Everything
4. Sketch
5. Fade Away
6. All Night Long
7. Step It Up
8. Playing With Fire
9. Pressure
10. Chicken Shake
11. Creation
12. The End


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