Terry Callier – The New Folk Sound Of Terry Callier (CD)

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Terry Callier’s The New Folk Sounds of Terry Callier is available as a official vinyl reissue cut from the original analog master tapes. This deluxe reissue features unreleased tracks, new liner notes, and bonus tracks. Almost a lost album, The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier encompasses Terry’s blue’s voice and jazz, soul, gospel music fusion. The New Folk Sound of Terry Callier conveys the promise and power of Callier in his earliest days.

  1. 900 Miles
  2. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
  3. Johnny Be Gay if You Can Be
  4. Cotton Eyed Joe
  5. It’s About Time
  6. Promenade In Green
  7. Spin Spin Spin
  8. I’m A Drifter
  9. Jack O’Diamonds
  10. Golden Apples of The Sun
  11. Promenade in Green (take 1)
  12. Be My Woman (take 1)
  13. 900 Miles (take 1)
  14. 3. It’s About Time (take 2)
  15. 4. Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be (take 2)


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