The Clash – The Clash (LP)

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The Clash’s self-titled debut was the first major punk record to be released in the UK. It was later released in the US on July 23rd 1979. Iconic artwork, alongside themes of Britain’s disaffected youth, unemployment, drugs, rioting and oppressive policing acted as a blueprint for the burgeoning punk genre. The album’s cover version of Junior Murvin’s “Police & Thieves” established an early connection between punk and militant reggae music.

  1.  Janie Jones
  2.  Remote Control
  3.  I’m So Bored with the USA
  4.  White Riot
  5.  Hate & War
  6.  What’s My Name
  7.  Deny
  8.  London’s Burning
  9.  Career Opportunities
  10. Cheat
  11. Protex Blue
  12. Police & Thieves
  13. 48 Hours
  14. Garageland


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