The Counts – What’s Up Front That Counts (CD)

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One of the rarest of Detroit funk outfits, you’ll look long and hard in the soul handbooks and music encyclopaedias for any information on The Counts. The group recorded and released “What’s Up Front That – Counts” in 1971 and the album is rarer than rarer and funkier than funky. Not content with that state of affairs, we have added two previously unissued bonus tracks – Motor City and What’s It All About- to the CD version (the vinyl remains a copy of the original album). This one’s a big club favourite and a samplers’ paradise. Anyone who has already checked out our S.O.U.L, Funk Inc, Blackbyrds, Pleasure and Westbound funk set “Gettin’ It Off”, (CDSEWD 061) will need no further recommendation. Those testing the waters of funk for the first time, need only wade in to The Counts to be fully and funkily baptized.

  1. What’s Up Front That Counts
  2. Rhythm Changes
  3. Thinking Single
  4. Why Not Start All Over Again
  5. Pack Of Likes
  6. Bills
  7. Motor City (Bonus)
  8. What’s It All About (Bonus)


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