The Little Flames – The Day Is Not Today (Coloured LP)

Format LP
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If you attended a lot of indie gigs in the mid-2000s (admit it, a lot of you did), you may well have seen Liverpool’s The Little Flames play a show. But you won’t know their debut album The Day Is Not Today, as it was never released until now (the band split in 2007), despite having some lovely retro pop touches. Oh, and the band included Miles Kane, by the way.

  • Limited edition orange coloured vinyl pressing!

1. Isobella
2. The Day Is Not Today
3. If Tomorrow Never Comes
4. Seven Days
5. October Skies
6. Stranger to You
7. Meols Reggae
8. Close My Eyes
9. In Another Life
10. That Brat’s A Friend
11. The Girl of Last Year


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