Van Morrison – Three Chords And The Truth (CD)

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Sixth Album in Just Four Years featuring 14 New Originals and Contributions from Guitarist Jay Berliner and The Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley!

Three Chords And The Truth is truly something wonderful – fourteen new original compositions that effortlessly encapsulate the Van Morrison sound and showcase his talents as one of our generation’s most celebrated songwriters. His sixth album in just four years, Three Chords And The Truth is further proof that Van Morrison is one of the greatest recording artists of all time and six decades into his career is still a creative force to be reckoned with. Three Chords And The Truth was produced and written by Morrison (except for “If We Wait for Mountains” which was co-written with Don Black). The album features contributions from legendary guitarist Jay Berliner and a duet with The Righteous Brothers’ Bill Medley (“Fame Will Eat the Soul”). Explaining what it was like to record the album, Van said: “”You’re just plugging into the feeling of it, more the feeling of it… when they’re playing…It’s like reading me. So, I think there’s more of that connection.”” The new collection is introduced by the elegant blues ballad “Dark Night Of The Soul.”

  1. March Winds In February
  2. Fame Will Eat The Soul
  3. Dark Night Of The Soul
  4. In Search Of Grace
  5. Nobody In Charge
  6. You Don’t Understand
  7. Read Between The Lines
  8. Does Love Conquer All?
  9. Early Days
  10. If We Wait For Mountains
  11. Up On Broadway
  12. Three Chords And The Truth
  13. Bags Under My Eyes
  14. Days Gone By



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