Various – The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose: American Primitive Guitar & Banjo 1963-1974 (2LP)

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The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose: American Primitive Guitar and Banjo (1963-1974) celebrates the groundbreaking, inventive approach to traditional music brought forward by a collection of maverick artists whose interpretations of folk, blues, and traditional song gave rise to one of American music’s most unique and singular styles. Features John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Robbie Basho, and more.

• 180g Vinyl
• Double LP
• Essential collection of groundbreaking artists from the Takoma and Vanguard vaults
• Extensive liner notes and track-by-track commentary by compilation producer Glenn Jones
• Artwork by Drew Christie
• Deluxe old-school style tip-on gatefold jacket & tipped-in book

Side One:
1. Night Train To Valhalla – John Fahey
2. The Ice Miner – Leo Kottke
3. Anyhow – Leo Kottke
4. April In Cambridge – Peter Walker
5. Water Verses – Harry Taussig
6. Children’s Dance – Harry Taussig
7. Little Maggie – Sandy Bull
Side Two:
1. On The Banks Of The Owchita – John Fahey
2. Gypsy Song – Peter Walker
3. Raga (1) – Max Ochs
4. Raga (2) – Max Ochs
5. Longhorn Express – Billy Faier
Side Three:
1. The Thousand Incarnations Of The Rose – Robbie Basho
2. Eyrie – Fred Gerlach
Side Four:
1. Winterland Doldrums – George Stavis
2. When Kings Come Home – Peter Lang
3. The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, California – John Fahey


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