Within Temptation – Enter & The Dance (CD)

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In 1997, the young band Within Temptation, founded by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt, released their first album ‘Enter’. Borrowing from the Gothic and the Doom a certain slowness/heaviness/depth/blackness, and the heavy of beautiful melodies all in power. ‘Enter’ is filled with huge doomy riffs and a balance of Robert Westerholdt‘s sinister growling juxtaposed with Sharon den Adel‘s ethereal emoting. The band became prominent in the Dutch underground scene. In 1998 WT released their follow-up the 5 track E.P. “The Dance” a deep and lush mini-album that fuses the epic feel and invigorating nature of power metal, the massive grandeur of symphonic doom metal. This Expanded WT Edition release has one bonus track.

1 Restless
2 Enter
3 Pearls Of Light
4 Deep Within
5 Gatekeeper
6 Grace
7 Blooded
8 Candles
9 The Dance
10 Another Day
11 The Other Half (Of Me)
12 Remix Restless
13 Remix Candles & Pearls Of Light
14 Restless (Classical Version)




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