Wolfgang Valbrun – Flawed By Design (LP)

Format LP
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Release Date 31/05/2024

Wolfgang Valbrun carries the torch for all great soul musicians with an incredible debut album, which looks at human frailty that’s shaped by his lived experiences and perception of current affairs. Straddling the lines between soul, rock and blues, Wolfgang provides introspective insights through raw unapologetic lyrics, married with the incredible musicianship of his band. Nothing is off the table as ‘Flawed By Design’ examines relationships, money, religion, greed, growing civil unrest and the antagonism by authorities towards the marginalised. Institutional and social matters are addressed with this refreshing body of work, which calls for humanity to reflect on who we are, and where our actions will lead us. This LP/CD comes with two extra tracks not found on the digital version of the album.

1. Sun Don’t Shine
2. Cyclone
3. Love Yourself
4. Keep Your Head Up
5. Some Day
6. Where is the Peace
7. I’ll Be Your Prey
8. Almighty $$
9. Paris
10. Shadows
11. Baptist
12. Flawed By Design


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