Isobel Campbell - There Is No Other (CD)

Isobel Campbell - There Is No Other (CD)
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After a prolonged absence and major changes in her life, Isobel Campbell (Belle & Sebastian, The Gentle Waves, Mark Lanegan) returns with her freest, finest album yet in There Is No Other. Thirteen tracks of hook-driven melody across a wide spectrum of subtle, alluring arrangements and moods, from intense to mysterious to carefree, topped by her trademark gorgeous soft-spun voice. "One word I had in mind for this record was psychedelic," Campbell says. "A dreamy, otherworldly feel." Take lead single, "Ant Life"; shimmering folk-pop with woozy synths over a metronomic pulse with decorative handclaps. Or second single "Hey World," a silken southern-soul odyssey that builds to a soaring, gospely climax. Subconsciously or otherwise, each song acknowledges the different paths that Campbell has traveled down the years: the twists and turns, various guises and collaborations. There Is No Other is also a very grown-up record; a life has been lived. She's not a 19-year old ingénue anymore.

  1. City of Angels
  2. Runnin' Down a Dream
  3. Vultures
  4. Ant Life
  5. Rainbow
  6. The Heart of It All
  7. Hey World
  8. The National Bird of India
  9. Just for Today
  10. See Your Face Again
  11. Boulevard
  12. Counting Fireflies
  13. Below Zero

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