Black Sabbath - Sabotage (LP+CD)

Black Sabbath - Sabotage (LP+CD)
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Sabotage, originally released in the 1975, is the sixth studio album from British heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath and the last of the so-called 'First Six.' Produced by guitarist Tony Iommi, the underrated 8-song set features some of Ozzy Osbourne's finest vocal performances as a member of the band, however Sabotage would serve as the final great testament from the disintegrating group. Includes the fan favorites "Symptom Of The Universe" and "Hole In The Sky" among others.

1.  Hole In The Sky    
2.  Don't Start (Too Late)
3.  Symptom Of The Universe
4.  Megalomania
5.  The Thrill Of It All
6.  Supertzar
7.  Am I Going Insane
8.  The Writ

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