Sepultura - Arise (Expanded 2LP)

 Sepultura - Arise (Expanded 2LP)
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ARISE: EXPANDED EDITION features a newly remastered version of the original album along with 28 bonus tracks. Many of those have never been released, including an industrial remix of “Dead Embryonic Cells,” “Meaningless Movements” from an August 1989 writing session, and a cover of Motorhead’s “Orgasmatron.”

Previously unreleased highlights from the second disc include a version of “Infected Voice” from writing sessions that took place in March 1990, as well as basic tracks for “Murder,” “Altered State” and more. The disc also features the CD debut of eight concert recordings originally released on the band’s first home video, Under Seige (Live In Barcelona), including “Arise,” “Dead Embryonic Cells” and “Beneath The Remains.”

To fit onto a double-LP, the vinyl version of ARISE: EXPANDED EDITION features a condensed track listing. It includes the 2018 remastered version of the original album, along with a selection of 10 bonus tracks from the CD set.

Side One

  1. “Arise”
  2. “Dead Embryonic Cells”
  3. “Desperate Cry”
  4. “Murder”
  5. “Subtraction”

Side Two

  1. “Altered State”
  2. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)”
  3. “Meaningless Movements”
  4. “Infected Voice”

Side Three

  1. “Arise” – Live
  2. “Dead Embryonic Cells” – Industrial Remix *
  3. “Desperate Cry” – Live
  4. “Murder” – Writing Session 1989 *
  5. “Murder” – Basic Track

Side Four

  1. “Altered State” – Basic Track *
  2. “Under Siege (Regnum Irae)” – Basic Track *
  3. “Meaningless Movements” – Writing Session 1990 *
  4. “Infected Voice” – Writing Session 1990 *
  5. “Orgasmatron” – Studio Version

* previously unreleased

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