Sparks - Shortcuts: The 7 Inch Mixes (2CD)

Sparks - Shortcuts: The 7 Inch Mixes (2CD)
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Disc 1
01.Tryouts for the Human Race
02.The Number One Song in Heaven
03.La Dolce Vita
04.Beat the Clock (Short Version)
05.Young Girls
06.When I’m with You
07.Rock ‘n’ Roll People in a Disco World
08.Funny Face
09.Tips for Teens
10.I Predict
11.Eaten by the Monster of Love (Promo Single)
12.Modesty Plays (Short Version)
13.Angst in My Pants
14.Cool Places (feat. Jane Wiedlin)
15.All You Ever Think About is Sex

Disc 2
01.Please, Baby, Please
02.With All My Might
03.Pretending to Be Drunk
04.My Other Voice
05.Just Because You Love Me
06.When I’m with You (Instrumental)
07.Wacky Women
08.Don’t Shoot Me
12.I Wish I Looked a Little Better (Promo Single)
13.Rockin’ Girls
14.Beat the Clock (Canadian Single Version)

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