Dead Lord - In Ignorance We Trust (Limited Digi CD)

Dead Lord - In Ignorance We Trust (Limited Digi CD)
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Sweden’s hard rock band #1 is back with its third studio album “In Ignorance We Trust”, which offers brilliant, timeless rock anthems that of course still carry the Thin Lizzy vibe of its predecessors while expanding and experimenting from previous works. “We went a bit broader music-wise,” singer Hakim Krim reveals. “Apart from some of our heaviest tunes, this album also has some of our softest and weirdest tunes so far. That’s what you do on the third album, right? Bring out the harmonica and jaw harp.” The result is all but retro, down-to-earth, real rock bare of any modern technical gimmicks but full of wonderful songs such as “Reruns”, “Too Late”, “Kill Them All”, the ballad “Part Of Me” or “Darker Times”. Being a more experienced recording artist and live act by now, DEAD LORD have reached another peak in their career and “In Ignorance We Trust” bears an analogue power and beauty that is irresistible!

  • The digipak edition comes with one bonus track and a patch as extras!

01. Ignorance (04:16)
02. Too Late (03:32)
03. Reruns (03:55)
04. Leave Me Be (04:30)
05. The Glitch (04:05)
06. Kill Them All (03:28)
07. Never Die (03:48)
08. Part of Me (04:57)
09. They! (04:28)
10. Darker Times (03:53)
11. Stone Dead Forever (04:38)

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