Various - Grecospectiva 90's (CD)

Various - Grecospectiva 90's (CD)
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A musical decade that forever marked our hearts and soundtracked our dreams redressed by our Grecospectiva artists.
Dealing with songs of the amazing nastiness of Nirvana, Placebo, Bjork, Hole the gloryfied glossy pop of Madonna, Army of Lovers, Ace of Base,  Crystal Waters, Charles and Eddie, the Sparks and Destiny’s Child and the Brit Radiohead, Oasis, Shakespeare Sister, here’s your chance to listen to what you loved in a whole new perspective.
ELIOT fet. Runes, Gadless, Lia Hide, IOTAPHI, quiet feat. Billly Rize, MI.RAI, Digital Riot feat. the Vagina Lips, Someone Who Isn’s Me, morfi, Evie Hasspides Watson, Tareq, Andianna Babali, Sma Rag Da and Natassa Bofiliou take a chance on love and the glory of the 90s.
  1. ELIOT feat. Runes – Stay
  2. Gadless – Would I Lie To You?
  3. Lia Hide – Without You I’m Nothing
  4. IOTAPHI – Bachelorette
  5. Quiet feat. Billy Rize – No Surprises
  6. MI.RAI – Come As You Are
  7. Digital Riot feat. The Vagina Lips – When Do I Get To Sing My Way
  8. Someone Who Isn’t Me? – Celebrity Skin
  9. morfi – Say My Name
  10. Evi Hassapides Watson – Secret
  11. Tareq – All That She Wants
  12. Andriana Babali – La Plage De Saint Tropez
  13. Sma Rag Da – Gypsy Woman
  14. Natassa Bofiliou – Wonderwall


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