Swans - The Great Annihilator (2CD)

Swans - The Great Annihilator (2CD)
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The Great Annihilator, originally released in 1995 and described at the time as “…a majestic symphony of haunting melodies and shifting moods” [SF Bay Guardian], will be released on double vinyl and as a 3CD set. Both the vinyl (in the form of a download code) and CD will feature Drainland, Michael Gira’s debut solo album recorded at the same time as The Great Annihilator.


1 In
2 I Am The Sun
3 She Lives
4 Celebrity Lifestyle
5 Mother_Father
6 Blood Promise
7 Mind/Body/Light/Sound
8 My Buried Child
9 Warm
10 Alcohol The Seed
11 Killing For Company
12 Mother's Milk
13 Where Does A Body End?
14 Telepathy
15 The Great Annihilator
16 Out
17 I Am The Sun (Live At The Flesh Club


1 You See Through Me
2 Where Does Your Body Begin?
3 I See Them All Lined Up
4 Unreal
5 Fan Letter
6 Your Naked Body
7 Low Life Form
8 If You…
9 Why I Ate My Wife
10 Blind

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