Winterfylleth - The Divination Of Antiquity (2LP)

Winterfylleth - The Divination Of Antiquity (2LP)
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Winterfylleth's epic filler free fourth full-length slab, 2014's The Divination of Antiquity, contains eight vitriolic anthems produced by longtime collaborator Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Primordial) and gorged with the visionary band's unrivaled technical precision. One of Winterfylleth's finest to date, The Divination of Antiquity is a masterful mix of killer blast beats, shredding guitars and vocals as passionate as they are intense.

1. The Divination of Antiquity 
2. Whisper of the Elements 
3. Warrior Herd 
4. A Careworn Heart 

1. Foundations of Ash 
2. The World Ahead 
3. Over Borderlands 
4. Forsaken In Stone 


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