Frank Turner - Songbook (3LP)

Frank Turner - Songbook (3LP)
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Frank Turner, one of the most cherished British artists working in music today, offers up a new triple vinyl retrospective set spanning his illustrious career. Songbook brings together eighteen highlights from across Turner's six acclaimed albums alongside ten brand new Songbook versions of some of his most well-loved tracks. These re-imagined versions see some songs re-recorded in full and some stripped-down to an acoustic setting. Songbook also includes the brand new track "There She Is."


  1. Four Simple Words
  2. I Still Believe
  3. The Next Storm
  4. Recovery
  5. The Road
  6. Long Live The Queen
  7. Glorious You
  8. Plain Sailing Weather
  9. I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous
  10. Wessex Boy


  1. The Opening Act Of Spring
  2. Polaroid Picture
  3. Mittens
  4. If Ever I Stray
  5. The Way I Tend To Be
  6. The Ballad Of Me and My Friends
  7. Photosynthesis
  8. Get Better
  9. There She Is


  1. Polaroid Picture (Songbook version) – Re-record
  2. The Way I Tend To Be (Songbook version)
  3. Glorious You (Songbook version)
  4. Josephine (Songbook version) - Acoustic
  5. Polaroid Picture (Songbook version)
  6. Love 40 Down (Songbook version)
  7. I Am Disappeared (Songbook version)
  8. Broken Piano (Songbook version)
  9. Long Live The Queen (Songbook version)
  10. The Ballad Of Me and My Friends (Songbook version)

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