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Essential vinyl reissue of Charlemagne Palestine‘s seminal 1974 LP ‘Strumming Music’. A mesmerising work of classic 20th Century minimalism, that originally appeared on the legendary French Shandar imprint (home to Philip Glass, Sun Ra, La Monte Young, Terry Riley etc.)

At once simple and complex, this profoundly beautiful music still sounds like a magic carpet ride through the heavens. A physically demanding performance recorded in his Manhattan loft – one which yields maximum beauty from the simplicity of his Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano and sustain pedal. A masterclass in the hypnotic beauty of repetition and nuance.

This new edition has been licensed from FGL Productions, remastered by Equus, cut by Rashad Becker and includes an insert with liner notes by Julian Cowley.

A Strumming Music part I 26:05
B Strumming Music part II 26:05



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