Drivin N Cryin – Mystery Road: Expanded Edition (2LP)

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Mystery Road, the acclaimed 1989 Southern rock classic from Atlanta’s Drivin’ N’ Cryin’, is being offered in an expanded reissue. With its hard-charging mix of driving rock, country twang and punk rock sneer, Southern rock, Mystery Road quickly became one of the band’s most beloved records when released in 1989. Called a “classic of the genre” by the Washington Post, the album contains two of the Atlanta band’s best known songs – the anthemic “Honeysuckle Blue” and the galvanizing sing-along “Straight To Hell” – which nearly three decades later are still fan-favorite fixtures in the road warrior’s live sets.

The new, expanded double vinyl edition of the long out-of-print Mystery Road features the remastered original album along with nine previously unreleased demos produced by Peter Buck of R.E.M. The reissue comes complete with essays from Buck and the band’s former manager, veteran music industry executive James Barber.


  1. Ain’t It Strange
  2. Toy Never Played With
  3. Honeysuckle Blue
  4. With The People
  5. Wild Dog Moon
  6. Home For Sale
  7. Peacemaker
  8. You Don’t Know Me
  9. Malfunction Junction
  10. Straight To Hell
  11. Syllables


  1. Honeysuckle Blue (Demo)
  2. Toy Never Played With (Demo)
  3. You Don’t Know Me (Demo)
  4. Malfunction Junction (Demo)
  5. 1988 (Demo)
  6. Mystery Road (Demo)
  7. MacDougal Blues (Demo)
  8. Not Afraid To Die (Demo)
  9. Mountaintop (Demo)


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