Hammerfall – Dominion (LP)

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It will go down as a milestone in the career of HammerFall, of that we have absolutely not even a sliver of doubt.” Brave words – but you better believe, because they`re coming from the one and only gods of heavy metal! Mercilessly galloping opener ‘Never forgive, never forget‘ keeps that promise: The Swedes are in fine form and have forged an unforgettable steel manifesto! Dominion is hungry for blood and ready for battle with 12 new tracks: The title track is pure headbanging frenzy with epic backing vocals, ‘Testify‘ shreds like mad, and just to make one thing clear: ‘(We make) Sweden rock‘! Well, certainly not just Sweden will rock, because all over the world fists will shoot in the air: VICTORIOUS IMMORTALS!!!

1    Never Forgive, Never Forget
2    Dominion
3    Testify
4    One Against the World
5    (We Make) Sweden Rock
6    Second to One
7    Scars of a Generation
8    Dead by Dawn
9    Battleworn
10    Bloodline
11    Chain of Command
12    And yet I Smile


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