Kreator – Love Us Or Hate Us: The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992 (2CD)

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2016 two CD collection. One of the ‘big four’ of Teutonic thrash metal along with Destruction, Sodom and Tankard, Essen’s Kreator helped pioneer death metal and black metal but are best known and loved for their classic thrash metal style. The band were one of the first to sign to a major label and have sold over two million albums to date making them one of the best-selling German thrash metal bands of all time. Love Us Or Hate Us (The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1985-1992) features tracks from the band’s six acclaimed Noise albums including Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill and Extreme Aggression. Love Us Or Hate Us features striking packaging in a stylish digipack with new sleevenotes featuring band interviews


01. Endless Pain
02. Tormentor
03. Flag Of Hate
04. Total Death
05. Bonebreaker
06. Pleasure To Kill
07. Under The Guillotine
08. Riot Of Violence
09. Ripping Corpse
10. Command Of The Blade
11. Terrible Certainty
12. Toxic Trace
13. Storming With Menace
14. No Escape
15. Behind The Mirror


01. Extreme Aggression
02. Some Pain Will Last
03. Bringer Of Torture
04. Love Us Or Hate Us
05. Betrayer
06. Terror Zone
07. Coma Of Souls
08. People Of The Lie
09. When The Sun Burns Red
10. Agents Of Brutality
11. Renewal
12. Depression Unrest
13. Karmic Wheel
14. Europe After The Rain
15. Winter Martyrium
16. No Title


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