New York Dolls – Too Much Too Soon (LP)

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Too Much Too Soon, the second studio album by the legendary New York Dolls was originally released in the spring of 1974. The record was recorded in New York with producer Shadow Morton, known for his work with the Shangri-Las. Morton was brought in to the project by David Johansen despite (or perhaps because) Johnny Thunders intended to produce the album.
Though their self-titled debut with Todd Rundgren at the helm had received high praise from critics, the Dolls didn’t like Rundgren and Rundgren had little respect for the Dolls. Thunders and Johansen thought Rundgren’s production watered down their sound. Rundgren was no fan of the group’s raucous sound and attitude, to the point that he’s even alleged to have yelled at them “get the glitter out of your asses and play!”
With Morton behind the boards Too Much Too Soon incorporated many of his trademark production techniques familiar to Shangri-Las fans, mainly his use of sound effects such as gunshots and highly present female backing vocals. Too Much Too Soon was well received by critics and fans alike who praised the band’s raw sound and felt that it was improved by Morton’s production.
1.  Babylon
2.  Stranded In The Jungle
3.  Who Are The Mystery Girls?
4.  (There’s Gonna Be A) Showdown
5.  It’s Too Late
6.  Puss N’ Boots
7.  Chatterbox
8.  Bad Detective
9.  Don’t Start Me Talkin’
10. Human Being


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