Pantera – Reinventing Hell: The Best Of Pantera (CD+DVD)

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  1. Cowboys From Hell
  2. Domination
  3. Cemetery Gates
  4. Mouth For War
  5. Walk
  6. This Love
  7. F…ing Hostile
  8. Becoming
  9. I’m Broken
  10. 5 Minutes Alone
  11. Planet Caravan
  12. Drag The Waters
  13. Where You Come From
  14. Revolution Is My Name
  15. Immortally Insane
  16. The Badge
  • DVD Includes:
  • Cowboys From Hell (Video)
  • Psycho Holiday (Video)
  • Cemetary Gates (Video)
  • Mouth For War (Video)
  • This Love (Video)
  • Walk (Video)
  • 5 Minutes Alone (Video)
  • I’m Broken (Video)
  • Drag The Waters (Video)
  • Domination (Live Video)
  • Primal Concrete Sledge (Live Video)
  • Revolution Is My Name (Video)


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