Placebo – Black Market Music (LP)

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The third album in the 20th anniversary reissue series is 2000’s Paul Corkett-produced Black Market Music. The ever ambitious trio experiments with a plethora of different styles here with aplomb and even adds hip-hop and disco elements to the mix, increasing their audience exponentially in the process. Like its predecessor the mercurial yet riveting release sold over a million copies and yielded a handful of singles including “Taste in Men,” “Slave to the Wage,” “Special K,” “Black-Eyed” and “Blue American.”

1. Taste In Men
2. Days Before You Came
3. Special K
4. Spite & Malice
5. Passive Aggressive
6. Black-Eyed
7. Blue American
8. Slave To The Wage
9. Commercial For Levi
10. Haemoglobin
11. Narcoleptic
12. Peeping Tom


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