Rob Zombie – Zombie Live (2LP)

Format LP
Label Unknown
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Rob’s first ever live album, Zombie Live was recorded over several nights during the 2006 Educated Horses Tour showcasing the raw power and chaos of Zombie’s performances with concert staples like “Living Dead Girl,” “More Human Than Human” and “Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy).” The performance of “The Lords of Salem” was Grammy-nominated in 2009 for Best Hard Rock Performance.

Side A:
1. Sawdust In the Blood
2. American Witch
3. Demon Speeding
4. Living Dead Girl
5. More Human Than Human
Side B:
1. Dead Girl Superstar
2. House of 1000 Corpses
3. Let It All Bleed Out
4. Creature of The Wheel
Side C:
1. Demonoid Phenomenon
2. Super charge Heaven
3. Never Gonna stop (The Red Red Kroovy)
4. Black Sunshine
5. Superbeast
Side D:
1. The Devil’s Rejects
2. Lords of Salem
3. Thunder Kiss ’65
4. Dragula


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