Saxon – Rock The Nations (Expanded Mediabook CD)

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On 13th October 1986 Saxon released their eighth studio album ‘Rock The Nations’. Recorded at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum in the Netherlands by Gary Lyons. Biff Byford, who had incidentally begun his career as a singer/bassist, recorded all the bass parts on the album, however Paul Johnson is credited on the album as he joined before the album was released. Rock The Nations also features the unlikely guest of Elton John on piano on the tracks ‘Northern Lady’ and ‘Party Til You Puke’. This version features radio edits of the singles from the album, some live B-Sides and three songs recorded by the BBC from Saxon’s set at 1986’s, Reading Festival.

  1. Rock The Nations
  2. Battle Cry
  3. Waiting For The Night
  4. We Came Here To Rock
  5. You Ain’t No Angel
  6. Running Hot
  7. Party Til You Puke
  8. Empty Promises
  9. Northern Lady

Bonus Tracks:

  1. Chase The Fade (B-side of ‘Waiting For The Night’)
  2. Waiting For The Night (7” single edit)
  3. Northern Lady (7” single edit)
  4. Everybody Up (Live in Madrid, B-side of ‘Northern Lady’)
  5. Dallas 1pm (Live in Madrid, B-side of ‘Northern Lady’)
  6. Power & The Glory (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)
  7. Rock The Nations (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)
  8. 17. Waiting For The Night (BBC Live At Reading Festival ’86)


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