Skyclad – The Silent Whales Of Lunar Sea (Coloured 2LP)

Format LP
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 Blue Coloured Vinyl 2LP

This is the re-issue of the British Heavy Metal band Skyclad notable for their Heavy Folk influences and considered one of the pioneers of Folk Metal genre. The name alludes both to the band’s religious leanings and to their social beliefs, as set out in the song “Skyclad” on their first album.

1995 saw the ever prolific Skyclad release their fifth album in as many years. Continuing on from its predecessor it is fifty minutes of their trademark, Folk Metal. This album’s collection of songs have a rhythmic, metallic underpinning with traditional instrumentation including flutes, pipes and harps to add extra layers to their genre pushing sound. The song writing approach is stripped down and more simplistic than some previous work which highlights their darkly satirical lyrics.

1.Still Spinning Shrapnel
2.Just What Nobody Wanted
5.Brimstone Ballet
6.A Stranger In The Garden
7.Another Fine Mess
8.Turncoat Rebellion
9.Desperanto (A Song For Europe?)
10.The Present Imperfect
11. Dance Of The Dandy Hound


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