Stevie Ray Vaughan – Texas Flood (LP)

Format LP
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On Texas Flood, Stevie Ray Vaughan celebrates his influences, pumps fresh blood into the familiar genre and made it a success…once again! The album kicks off with two well known songs “Love Struck Baby” and “Pride And Joy”, after which he starts building to the climax of “Dirt Pool” and “I’m Crying”. The album concludes with a tribute to his wife “Lenny”. 

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s unique quality is that he’s not an artist who just recorded albums in the Blues genre trying to approach the standard. Instead he just simply joined in with all the ’60s Blues legends.

Side A

1. Love Struck Baby
2. Pride And Joy
3. Texas Flood
4. Tell Me
5. Testify

Side B

1. Rude Mood
2. Mary Had A Little Lamb
3. Dirty Pool
4. I’m Cryin’
5. Lenny


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