The Cure – 40 Live: Curaetion – 25 + Anniversary (Limited 2DVD)

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In 2018 The Cure performed two historic shows celebrating a 40-year career.

CURÆTION-25: From There To Here | From Here To There

Captured on the tenth and final night of the 25th Meltdown Festival (curated by lead singer Robert Smith) at London’s Royal Festival Hall in June 2018. Smith, Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’Donnell, and Reeves Gabrels performed a song from each of their 13 studio albums in chronological order, displaying the evolution of The Cure’s music live on stage.

ANNIVERSARY: 1978-2018 Live In Hyde Park London

The band’s acclaimed 29-song, 135-minute anniversary concert. Filmed in one of London’s Royal Parks to a crowd of 65,000 fans, The Cure presented a four-decade deep set on July 7, 2018, including “Just Like Heaven,” “Lovesong,” “High,” and “The End Of The World.” Adding to the experience, the band is back-dropped by giant screens displaying footage that complements the unique moods and emotive song writing that established The Cure as pioneers of alternative rock.


CURÆTION-25: From There To Here | From Here To There

  1. Three Imaginary Boys
  2. At Night
  3. Other Voices
  4. A Strange Day
  5. Bananafishbones
  6. A Night Like This
  7. Like Cockatoos
  8. Pictures Of You
  9. High
  10. Jupiter Crash
  11. 39
  12. Us Or Them
  13. It’s Over
  14. It Can Never Be The Same
  15. Step Into The Light
  16. The Hungry Ghost
  17. end
  18. The Last Day Of Summer
  19. Want
  20. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
  21. Disintegration
  22. If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
  23. Sinking
  24. Shake Dog Shake
  25. One Hundred Years
  26. Primary
  27. A Forest
  28. Boys Don’t Cry


ANNIVERSARY:  1978-2018 Live In Hyde Park London

  1. Plainsong
  2. Pictures Of You
  3. High
  4. A Night Like This
  5. The Walk
  6. The End Of The World
  7. Lovesong
  8. Push
  9. Inbetween Days
  10. Just Like Heaven
  11. If Only Tonight
  12. Play For Today
  13. A Forest
  14. Shake Dog Shake
  15. Burn
  16. Fascination Street
  17. Never Enough
  18. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
  19. Disintegration
  20. Lullaby
  21. Caterpillar
  22. Friday I’m In Love
  23. Close To Me
  24. Why Can’t I Be You
  25. Boys Don’t Cry
  26. Jumping Someone Else’s Train
  27. Grinding Halt
  28. 10:15 Saturday Night
  29. KAA


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