The Cure – Paris: 30th Anniversary (2LP)

Format LP
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Release Date 22/03/2024

The Cure’s 1993 Live Album Paris: 30th Anniversary on 2LP. This Reissue Includes Two Previously Unreleased Tracks “Shake Dog Shake” and “Hot Hot Hot!!!” Remastered by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London.

The Cure’s 30th anniversary re-issue of ‘Paris’ has now been expanded with the addition of 2 previously unreleased live tracks “Shake Dog Shake” and “Hot Hot Hot!!!” ‘Paris’: 2LP live set was recorded at Le Zenith de Paris in October 1992: Released October 1993.

Includes the singles “Lovesong”, “Catch”, “A Letter To Elise”, “Charlotte Sometimes”, “Close To Me” and fan favourite “Play For Today”. Remastered by Robert Smith and Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios, London.

Out of all the bands that emerged in the immediate aftermath of punk rock in the late ’70s, few were as enduring and popular as the Cure. Led through numerous incarnations by guitarist/vocalist Robert Smith (born April 21, 1959), the band became notorious for its slow, gloomy dirges and Smith’s ghoulish appearance, a public image that often hid the diversity of the Cure’s music. At the outset, the Cure played jagged, edgy pop songs before slowly evolving into a more textured outfit. As one of the bands that laid the seeds for goth rock, the group created towering layers of guitars and synthesizers, but by the time goth caught on in the mid-’80s, the Cure had moved away from the genre. By the end of the ’80s, the band had crossed over into the mainstream not only in its native England, but also in the United States and in various parts of Europe. The Cure remained a popular concert draw and reliable record-seller throughout the ’90s, and their influence could be heard clearly on scores of new bands during the new millennium, including many that had little to do with Goth.

Side A:

  1. Shake Dog Shake
  2. The Figurehead
  3. Play for Today

Side B:

  1. At Night
  2. In Your House
  3. One Hundred Years

Side C:

  1. Apart
  2. Lovesong
  3. A Letter to Elise

Side D:

  1. Catch
  2. Charlotte Sometimes
  3. Dressing Up
  4. Close to Me
  5. Hot Hot Hot!!!


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