The Haunted – Strength In Numbers (CD)

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THE HAUNTED are back with their 9th studio album “Strength In Numbers” and it turns out to be an aggressive, versatile and uncompromising sonic assault that is even more intense as its 2014 predecessor “Exit Wounds”, which marked the first album with Marco Aro on vocals since 2003. Next to Aro, THE HAUNTED consist of Jensen (Guitars), Ola Englund (Lead Guitars), Jonas Björler (Bass) and Adrian Erlandsson (Drums) and by tapping Russ Russell (Napalm Death, The Exploited, etc.) for production duties, “Strength In Numbers” sports a rawer, darker vibe resulting in an authentic, unrelenting monster of an album. A song like the merciless thrasher “Brute Force” lives totally up to its title, “Tighten The Noose” is another no-holds-barred attack, whereas “Preachers Of Death” offers a Pantera-like mid paced fury and “Spark” or “Means To An End” successfully unite thrash riffs with a gloomy atmosphere. To sum it up: A damn strong, f**king pissed off opus!

01. Fill The Darkness With Black (01:24)
02. Brute Force (02:48)
03. Spark (04:21)
04. Preachers Of Death (04:55)
05. Strength In Numbers (04:38)
06. Tighten The Noose (03:00)
07. This Is The End (03:29)
08. The Fall (04:32)
09. Means To An End (04:25)
10. Monuments (04:28)


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