The Last Poets – This Is Madness (2CD)

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This deluxe 2CD set features the band’s first two albums packaged in a digibook. It also includes 3 bonus tracks that Jalal Mansur Nuriddin from the band recorded under the name Lightin’ Rod for the Hustler’s Convention album, including Doriella Du Fontaine which features Jimi Hendrix on guitar.

  1. Run, Nigger
  2. On The Subway
  3. Niggers Are Scared Of Revolution
  4. Black Thighs
  5. Gashman
  6. Wake Up, Niggers
  7. New York, New York
  8. Jones Comin’ Down
  9. Just Because
  10. Black Wish
  11. When The Revolution Comes
  12. Two Little Boys
  13. Surprises
  14. True Blues
  15. Related To What Chant
  16. Related To What
  17. Black Is Chant
  18. Black Is
  19. Time
  20. Mean Machine Chant
  21. Mean Machine
  22. White Man’s Got A God Complex
  23. Opposites
  24. Black People What Y’All Gon’ Do Chant
  25. Black People What Y’All Gon’ Do
  26. OD
  27. This Is Madness Chant
  28. This Is Madness
  29. Sport
  30. Spoon
  31. Doriella Du Fontaine


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